Your writer visits these blogs nearly every day for news, entertainment and inspiration:

Ten Dollar Radio Show
Peter Crowley and Ned P. Rauch spin music and reviews.

Some Country for Old Men

Josh Zembik and Dave Riedel take their show on the Web.

Mary Cuddehe reports from Mexico City, which, if you haven’t heard, is an important place these days.

Maura O’Connor’s photo blog from her Sri Lanka adventure.

Maxwell Eaton III
Maxwell Eaton III, brilliant raconteur, expatriate Vermonter and genius, muses.

Lost Paddle Boatworks

Steve Hann, nurse, amateur snowmaker and master boatbuilder, writes about his latest wooden boat and ski projects.

Needs Caffeine
Clarke Thomas, wine/food/cricket/Scotch connoisseur extraordinaire, shares bits and pieces of his style genius.

Sweet Eats
Catherine Sweet, food editor and aspiring rock climber, dishes on her favorite … dishes.

A Continuous Lean.
Michael Williams reports on classic American style.

A Time To Get
Cars, watches and other icons.

Ivy Style
Ivy League aesthetics dissected.

Good things, good design.

The Times examines alcohol’s role in American life.

The Cocktail Chronicles
Mixology enthusiast Paul Clarke muses on and over drinks.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise
The only newspaper published in the Adirondack Park.

Adirondack Almanack
A digest of life in the Blue Line.

New York
Lost City
A running jeremiad on the decline of Old New York.

Urban Daddy
Chic living in the world’s greatest city.

The Bronx Beat
Students from the Columbia Journalism School report on the northern borough.

A daily round-up on media industry news compiled by Jim Romenesko at the Poynter Institue.

Today’s front pages at the Newseum
Front pages from newspapers around the world, displayed by the Newseum.

The Curriculum
These fellows know a thing or two about American aesthetics.

A Trip Down South

Young Man/Old Man

Tucker (Redux)

The Ivy League Look

The Sanity Hearing

Coiled Pleasures

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