GIN MILLS | Treated for drinks at the Pegu Club

PeguClub1A Gin-Gin mule and a Whiskey Smash, two cocktails we recently enjoyed at the Pegu Club.

Widely heralded as the high cathedral of artisanal cocktails in New York, the Pegu Club was launched some years ago by Audrey Saunders. A luminary in the cocktail world, Saunders had previously worked as the beverage director at the Carlyle, where her influence is still felt in drinks like the Old Cuban.

Mrs. F. recently treated me to a couple of rounds to honor my 30th birthday.

Pegu takes its cues from a famous British officers’ club in Burma, where the signature cocktail was the eponymous gin and curacao number I enjoy on a regular basis. The bar is situated on the second floor of an odd 1980s Eastern bloc-esque building on Houston Street. The door is essentially unmarked, save for an etched crest that serves as the club’s seal. Up a set of dimly-lit stairs, one emerges into a long corridor of a room that feels quite a bit like a terrace in a tropical setting. The place immediately reminded me of “South Pacific.”

We were seated in the back in a couple of well-worn but comfortable chairs. I had two rounds: a Whiskey Smash, a Rye cocktail from Dale DeGroff that features lemon juice and mint. Mrs. F. had a Gin-Gin Mule that she was very pleased with. We’ve made the latter at home before, but ours didn’t compare. My second drink was a Pegu Club, and I was quite pleased at how closely it resembled my efforts.

I strongly recommend that any cocktail aficionado make a stop at Pegu during a trip to New York.

Pegu Club
77 W. Houston St.
2nd floor
New York, New York 10012
(212) 473-7348

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