GEAR| It’s time for your Filson cruisers to come out

FilsonThe Filson Mackinac Cruiser, an American icon since 1914.

When I arrived in Saranac Lake as a cub reporter at the beginning of the decade, the man to scoop was Ned Rauch. Working for our rival, the Plattsburgh Press-Republican, Ned was a hell of a reporter. He’s also a fairly stylish fellow and, when the weather turned cold, he broke out a well-worn Filson Mackinaw Cruiser that was often accompanied by a terrific old Daily News beanie.

As the weather lurches toward wintry, I’m sure Ned, now living, writing and performing in New York, is donning his cruiser.

Manufactured in the United States since 1914, the six-button jacket from Seattle’s C.C. Filson Outfitters, is an American classic. Filson, of course, first made its name as a Seattle outfitter in the Klondike gold rush of 1897. The cruiser, patented by founder C.C. Filson, has basically remained the same since it was introduced. Constructed from 26-ounce wool that can hold thirty percent of its water without feeling damp, the jacket has four front pockets, two-hand warmer slots and a large, rear pocket for maps or whatever else you’d like to carry in it.

Priced at $279.50, it’s an investment to be sure, but take comfort in the fact that your grandson will probably wear it.

Filson Mackinaw Cruiser

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