DESIGN| New York nods to heritage with 2010 tag

2010tagThe 2010 New York state license plate pays homage to the classic New York tags of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Image courtesy of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

In 1986, when my parents purchased a home in the upper Delaware Valley, in New York’s Sullivan County, New York’s license plates were gold and blue. I have distinct memories of these plates as they were much more vivid than our more modest but equally classic tan-and-black New Jersey tags.

But the gold and blue plates were going the way of the Dodo. In 1986, the DMV introduced the Lady Liberty tag, which pissed everyone in Western New York off until 2000, when the boring-as-hell Niagara-NYC skyline tag debuted. Yesterday, the DMV issued good news: Gold and Blue will return in April to all newly registered vehicles. Existing vehicles can receive the new tags for — wait for it — a $25 fee.

From a DMV press release:

“The bold colors of the new license plate reflect New York’s force and its resilience,” said Commissioner Swarts. “These new plates, in the official colors of the State of New York, will help maintain highway safety, reduce the number of unregistered and uninsured vehicles on our roads, and generate $129 million in General Fund revenue over two years, which will help address the State’s financial crisis.”

For more on the change, see this story in the Post.

Here’s a look at vintage New York tags, courtesy of World License Plates, whose designs inspired the 2010 retro descendant:



One Response to “DESIGN| New York nods to heritage with 2010 tag”
  1. Maxie says:

    We moved to Arizona a touch early. Love the new tags.

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