BRIEFING| Nobels, Astors and Kickstarted journalists

NYPThe Post, delivering the news that Anthony Marshall, son of the late socialite Brooke Astor, had been convicted on a grand larceny charge.

Good morning! It’s an unusually busy Friday. We’ll take it.

• The president, in a surprise to everyone, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize just nine months into his nascent administration. He is the third sitting president to receive the prize, following in the steps of presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. President Carter was given the prize in 2002 and Vice President Gore received it in 2007. The Times reports. Max Fisher at the Atlantic rounds up analysis.

• The Poynter Institute’s Mallary Jean Tenore reports that journalists are using, an online fundraising platform, to fund projects many outlets can no longer afford. Among the journos using Kickstarter is our very good friend Maura O’Connor.

• Jack Shafer, writing in his Slate column, is more than a little heated about the continuing deification of the late Tim Russert, the much-loved NBC Washington Bureau Chief. Russert’s office, it was reported earlier this week, is to be enshrined at the Newseum.

• Earlier this week, the Times reported on the Obama’s decoration of the private portions of The White House. Among the art selected by the White House Curator and the First Lady are pieces by Jasper Johns, Mark Rothko and some George Catlins. Be sure to check out the slideshow.

• Michael Wolff explores NewsCorp and Rupert Murdoch’s declaration of war on the Internet in the November issue of Vanity Fair.

• And finally, Anthony Marshall, son of the late socialite Brooke Astor, was found guilty yesterday on charges that he defrauded her. The 19-week trial has been the talk of both town and suburbs all summer and its outcome is merely the closing of the first chapter. Mr. Marshall’s attorneys plan an appeal. The Times reports, The Post reports and Vanity Fair offers an Astor Archive.


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