GIN MILLS| The Cottage marks 33 years on the lakeside

CottageThe Cottage, seen in winter lights, is the Mirror Lake Inn’s lakeside bar in Lake Placid, N.Y.

The Cottage, the iconic watering hole on the shores of Mirror Lake, turned 33 this week. This is worth mention because, every day, I pray that life in the hereafter will be resemble a Tuesday night at the Cottage.

Known simply as “the bar” to 12946 insiders and appreciated around the globe as an indispensable apres-ski, the Cottage really is a little slice of heaven.

Where else can you get snapped at by elected officials about supporting the other side in a contentious race for district attorney while whacking back Dewars? Where else can you find Al talking about drinking all night at the Roosevelt Hotel’s old Rough Rider Room before taking the New York Central Train north to Northwood? Where else can you even conceive of a character like Linda “Freelover”, who can hardly wait to tell you some old tale about the Olympics/Northwood/The Club/Tennis, etc.? Where else will you encounter the Dog, nursing a pint of rum before going out into the parking lot with Shubert to whack another dizzy bat? Where else will you find bartenders like Jen, Brigitte and Amy who will consistently take such good care of you?

Nowhere. And I hope it stays that way.

Tip: If you go to the bar in the afternoon, and I hope you do, start off with a Bloody Mary. The effort is one of the best anywhere and is remarkable for its heavy reliance on lemon juice and horseradish.


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